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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is also known as endodontics. A root filling is needed in a tooth when the blood or nerve supply (also known as the pulp) is infected, due to decay or injury. If the tooth is not treated, it can cause an abscess and the infection may spread. This would then mean having to have the tooth removed.

Often the procedure can be completed in one visit. The tooth is numbed and a hole is drilled to provide access to the pulp. The root canals are cleaned out, shaped, disinfected and re-filled. A filling is then placed in the tooth.

A root filling can cause discolouration of the tooth, and can also make the tooth weak. Therefore, usually, your dentist will recommend having a crown or Cerec placed on the tooth to provide extra strength once the tooth has settled down.

The procedure is quite time consuming and exacting. To prevent cross-contamination, instruments need to be discarded after each procedure, unfortunately this is mandatory and contributes to the cost of root fillings.

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