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Dr Chris Wood, a dentist specializing in placing dental implants and a resident of Woodstock, has recently

joined the team here at Woodstock Dental Practice.

A dental implant is a contemporary solution for missing teeth. They can provide a stable base for a

single-tooth crown, a bridge or dentures. They feel completely natural in the mouth and do not damage

any other teeth.

Your mouth will be assessed by examination and radiographs to check you have the adequate amount of

healthy bone needed to insert an implant. If insufficient bone is available, techniques are available for

bone augmentation. The implant is placed in the jaw under local anaesthetic followed by a healing period of around eight weeks. Impressions are then taken to make the crown, bridge or denture.

The implant surgery is pain free but slight swelling or soreness may be experienced for a couple of days after the implant placement. For nervous patients, Chris works with a consultant anaesthetist who will administer intravenous sedation.

Occasionally it is possible for an implant to be placed at the same time as tooth removal. In certain circumstances, teeth can be removed and implants and their supported teeth placed in the same day.


The initial consultation is free of charge, so please ask your dentist if you would like to discuss implants further with Chris.

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