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Extractions may be required if the tooth has severe bone loss, severe decay or if it is causing problems, for example, wisdom teeth. Although extracting a tooth is the last resort, it is sometimes necessary.

If you have had an extraction, here are some guidelines to follow:

> Do not disturb the clot by poking with your tongue or finger

> The day after, bathe the socket area with warm salt water for 30 seconds at a time, four times a day

> If the socket starts to bleed again, take a handkerchief, roll it up tight and bite down hard on it, whilst resting

> Pain after extraction, once the anaesthetic wears off is not unusual. Taking paracetamol should ease the
   pain. Do not take aspirin

> Do not eat until the anaesthetic wears off, and then stick to soft foods, avoiding chewing in that area for at
   least three days. Drinking is fine, but do not swill the drink around the socket area

> Do not consume alcoholic beverages or smoke for the next 24 hours

> Do not exercise until the following day at the earliest

> Brush as usual, but take extra care around the extraction site. It is important that you keep your mouth as
   clean as possible to allow the area to heal properly.


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