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Dentures are a removeable device used to replace missing teeth. They are needed to enable eating and to provide a more attractive smile! Missing teeth can also cause sagging of the facial muscles, so a denture will support the cheek and lips, preventing the patient from looking older and preventing any speech issues.
Dentures are either full or partial. A full denture is when there are no natural teeth on the arch at all. A partial denture is when there is one or more natural teeth left in the mouth, and the denture will then have clasps to secure the denture in the mouth. The base plate of the denture is made of either acrylic  vinyl or metal, and the teeth are made to match the colour of the remaining teeth in the mouth, or, if a full denture, they can be made the shade you request.
The procedure for making a denture overall usually takes six weeks, four appointments, two weeks apart. The first appointment involves the taking of impressions. The second involves more impressions and the way your teeth bite together and the shade is recorded. At the third appointment, the teeth are set in wax so they can be tried in and any adjustments needed are noted before the final product in made. Then finally, two weeks later, the denture is fitted, and any minor adjustments will be made by your dentist. Costs vary from £400 to £1100 depending on complexity and type
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