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Adult Tooth Straightening (Clear Aligner)

Aligners are thin clear slightly flexible plastic ‘mouth-guards’ which fit closely over the teeth. A series of aligners is used to move the teeth incrementally according to a treatment plan developed by the dentist. Aligner appliances are ideally suited to adult patients whose life-style or work commitments make it difficult for them to wear more visible conventional fixed appliances.

Typically, 6 to 15 aligners are made to move teeth

Treatment time is usually between 3-6 months

Cost is between £800 and £2500 depending on how many aligners
are needed, typically £1500

They must be worn for all of the night and nearly all day long!

To assess suitability we make a set of pre-aligners to see if you can manage with them in from day to day. When we fit these, we give you an estimate of cost and time needed to complete your case. If you're comfortable wearing them and understand the costing and estimate of time taken, we get the aligners made and organise a fitting appointment. After this you are generally seen every 2 weeks for adjustments and you're given the next set of aligners. Occasionally we need to fine tune after the last aligner has been worn-sometimes it takes another couple of aligners to finish the case.

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